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Established in the year of 2007, working in the field of computer hardware, software and training. On 13 May 2010 company establish as Iconsys India and continue our operation in the field of software and hardware. Upto 27th July 2018, company start working in the field of software, hardware, electronics, solar system, embedded system. On 27th July company has apply for the Incorporation and on 3rd August 2018 company has converted into Iconsys Tech Vision Pvt. Ltd. (ITVPL)

Date Of Incorporation

On 3rd Aug 2018 Immensely acclaimed in the industry owing to their preciseness, these are presented by us in standard forms to our clients. These presented by us in various provisions, these are inspected sternly to retain their optimum quality under the management of director Mr. Mulani. We have garnered a reputed position in this highly competitive industry.

Our System

On 13th May 2019,company has apply for the ISO certificate.

We got AN ISO 9001:2015 certificate for the HR System dated on July 2019

We have designed our own HR System where different project has been completed and also apply for the ISO certificate.

We have our hierarchy system where we have main focus on
  • Quality Provide
  • Customer Retain

All the management has been handled and taken care by Director Mr Mulani Sir.

Company has designed 3 system:-
  • Company Care Taking
  • Project Leading
  • Office Layout

The process of appointing employee has been kept transparent so the their is no doubt for the candidate

With increasing knowledge,Company also try to bring good ethical changes which is necessary to become a good human being.

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We are a Technical Company

The core team of Technologies has experts from Programming, Design, Implementing and Management fields. Together, we create the solutions for your organizations. We are happy to have the most creative, talented and professional people working with us. ITVPL is committed to attracting and developing the highest caliber of talented professionals in order to provide them with interesting and challenging assignments that fulfill their specific needs and desires.

Iconsys Tech Vision Pvt. Ltd. is enables clients to seamlessly integrate their changing business environment imperatives thereby enabling maximized benefits and returns.











The Director’s Message

Our Team

Ashwini Khedkar

Senior Dot Net Developer

Pratiksha Sarote

Jr. Dot Net Developer

Sukanya Bose

Jr. Dot Net Developer

Bhushan Mutkure

Senior UI Developer

Prashant Bhosale

Jr. UI Developer

Nilesh Landge

Jr.UI Developer

Our Policy

In The Pursuit Of This Mission ITV System Shall :
  • Consciously foster development of quality products for our clients.
  • Continuously upgrade the system in response to customer demands & emerging technology.
  • Actively promote employee development through research & facilitation for advanced qualifications.
  • Effectively enhance the product quality by adopting modern methods and technology.
  • Uncompromisingly maintain transparency to build confidence and healthy relationships with clients and the community.
  • Aggressively promote a pollution free physical environment.